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API stands for Application Programming Interface. A software interface enables communication between two or more computer programs.

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배달의민족 FE 개발자가 일하는 법 발표

... 것들이 수십 개가 있고, 그마다 API 서버와 프론트엔드도 다 있다. 그래서 ...

배달의민족 FE 개발자가 일하는 법 Q&A

... 서비스 아키텍처가 나을 것이라고 판단하고 API 서버를 제작하기 시작했다. 즉, 이전에는 ...


... You can then define your API procedures (queries, mutations, and subscriptions) ...



... much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude ... 개발 기록

그와중에 DeepL은 API를 열어주지 않고 있었다.


- API issues (no event information.)

Wolfram Alpha

... Wolfram Language symbols appear in API results, use `EntityValue[Entity[\"WolframLanguageSymbol\",symbol],{\"PlaintextUsage\",\"Options\"}]` to validate ...

WebNPU API를 상상하다

... GPU 기능에 접근할 수 있는 API이다.


- Binding a low-level sqlite3 API which is as close to ...


... Supabase offers a real-time subscription API, enabling real-time functionality such as ...

Storing sensitive data in iOS Apps

... However, I am using LinkedIn API that makes a network request.

Stories Behind Satori

... also added Google Font's `?text=` API, containing a specific subset of ...

Stable Alternative

... Or Hugging Face as an API server?

Simple Analytics War Room

... Fetch data from Hacker News API


... a library that transparently intercepts API calls and changes the arguments ...

Service Shimming

... intercepting, modifying, and redirecting the API calls. A smooth shim is ...

Reverse Engineering Apple Music API

## Testing the API Key


... a powerful and versatile email API service for developers designed to ...

Refine (Framework)

- Back-end|Backend (REST API, Supabase, Strapi, NestJS, Appwrite, Airtable, ...


... Back-End. This is a GraphQL API built with Prisma and [[Apollo ...

Reddit-Apollo Mayhem

... due to the new expensive API pricing introduced by Reddit.

React App on GitHub Pages

... server bandwidth and simplifying the API server structure. I have created ...


... but rather the abstraction of API and CRUD on data models, ...


## High-Level API

Providing DOM API to Worker Threads

- Provide synchronous DOM API Access to Web Worker Threads

Proposal of Research 2023-03-28

... including those with retrieval and API calling capabilities, new attack vectors ...

Proposal of Research 2023-01-10

... JavaScript libraries or an HTTP API layer.

Project Naroo

일단 API 비용은 한숨 덜겠다!

OpenAI가 새로운 테크 리바이스로 등극하다

... Transformer|GPT-3.5-터보 모델을 기반으로 한 ChatGPT API 서비스를 출시했다.

OpenAI enthroned as the Levis of Tech

OpenAI has launched its ChatGPT API service, powered by the GPT-3.5-turbo ...


OpenAI also provides an API for accessing new AI models ...


... hoppscotch/hoppscotch (Postman) 👽 Open source API development ecosystem -


... Metal is a low-level, low-overhead API (Application Programming Interface) that supports ...


... Google의 PaLM 2)에게 다음과 같은 API를 제정한다: Project MAGI

Letter to the Heptabase Team on 2022-10-11

- API support (Notion-like?)

Letter to Mr. Matt Rickard on 2022-12-21

... see a first-class serverless Mail|email API (as in doing slightly more ...

Letter to Mr. Matt Rickard on 2022-10-03

... give one good example of Screenshots-as-an-API.


... and get a powerful GraphQL API & beautiful Management UI for ...

Imagining WebNPU API

... hereby suggest a hypothetical WebNPU API. Think this way:

HealthKit as an API

Server → Web API Access

Hacker News

... Fetch data from Hacker News API


... such as database queries or API responses, directly in the HTML ...


- Multipurpose Guestbook API could be fun


... be managed without creating new API versions.

Ghost 테마를 자동 배포하는 방법

... 나타난다. Configuration 창 하단에 Content API Key, Admin API Key, 그리고 ...

Ethereum RPC as a Service

... business looks more like an API business where you are the ...

Emails and Decentralized Protocols

... to pay for an Mail|email-sending API which others in the industry ...

Dynamic Island on the Web

- I can now make API requests to find out what ...

Developing Review Notes for Obsidian

... 스캐폴딩하는 방법에 대해 다루며 옵시디언 API 문서를 탐독하면서 이런 저런 발견 ...

Data Preservation

- Find other API endpoints without the restrictions you ...


... instance, your product is an API or software development kit and ...

Cohere Rerank

... is available through a SaaS API, on cloud services, and soon ...


1. Logistics: The Matrix API enables automatic calculation of travel ...

Canvas (HTML5)

... offers its own 2D drawing API, it also supports the WebGL ...


- Intercept Geolocation API and present a custom permission ...

Book Metadata as a Service

Someday Project. Open API that returns Book Metadata when ...


... problem - they built an API enabling 'bridges' between Matrix Network|Matrix ...

Backdrop Build Week 1 Update

- OpenAI API


... a schedule, or on demand. API calls are easy with authentication ...

Attention Settings

... on data from the ScreenTime API.


... Group. It provides a client-to-server API for creating, updating, and deleting ...

API Economy

> The API economy is a business model ...

AI and Ecommerce

... AI as a service via API




일단 API 비용은 한숨 덜겠다!


API Key generates Chrome extension


I never knew that Resend's API is comparable to AWS SES.


I got access to GPT-4 API but found it was 20x ...


... But in making the ChatGPT API so cheap, they made their ...


... we cannot get full Node API compatibility (for example, we cannot ...


... libraries because it lacks synchronous API support.


- API Shimming will be hard enough. ...


... the question revolves: what DOM API should WorkerDOM support?


... in that they are increasingly API-driven. CAPTCHAs cannot work in an ...


... they are. ReadMe transforms your API docs into interactive hubs that ...

0278 First Bad Version

You are given an API `bool isBadVersion(version)` which returns whether ...