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  • Swift Macro
  • SwiftData
  • WidgetKit โ†’ Interactivity. Also possible to trigger some code when the button is clicked. Can it be used as a "refresh" button?
  • App Intents โ†’ Can be used as Shortcuts and Siri commands
  • TipKit โ†’ Displays some Tooltips
  • AirDrop improvements for in-app contents
  • Game Porting Toolkit โ†’ automatic HLSL conversion
  • AVCapture is faster and better โ†’ volume button availability. Hinting iPhone action button?
  • Video Conferencing โ†’ ScreenCaptureKit




App Storeโ€‹

  • StoreKit โ†’ Now provides a general Interface for In-app purchases for merchandising experience.
    • ProductView, SubscriptionStoreView
    • Across all devices
    • a11y, and i18n built-in
    • Auto-detect user eligibility (no "Re-validate")
  • SKAdNetwork. App Store's more in-depth analytics: Re-engagement detection.


  • Source Editor: Better code suggestion
  • PreviewProvider is now Swift Macro, one-word #Preview.
  • Git Staging now supported in-line, with a better source change view
  • Testing: Test Report Result Overview page (Error Heat Map)
    • Test Live Replay (Timeline)
  • Accessibility Frames (HTML-like component descriptions within app scene)
  • Xcode Cloud. 2x faster workflows. Share Tester Notes. macOS notarization (check malicious components)
  • Speed & Size improvements on Xcode Binaries


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