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Super App is a Universal Chat App

  • As noted on the Letter to Mr. Matt Rickard on 2022-12-24, the conditions for a Super App in the United States are vague. Apple and Google divide the tech market into two, not only in terms of iOS vs. Android but also as App Economy vs. Web Economy, Closed vs. (fairly) Open, Edge-first AI vs. Cloud-first AI, etc.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat cannot be super apps because they have specific fan groups and anti-fan groups. So the Super app needs to be universal.
  • Universal, like a chat app. Chat app doesn't have a specific like-dislike. It's just a chat app.
  • the super app must draw people, giving reasons to download and continue using them. Chat app if a critical mass onboard cannot stop. Especially with group chat, as we learned from Kakao.

Mental Simulation of Firefox and Signal as a Super Appโ€‹

  • They must have a first instantly absorbable mass of users. The main target of Signal and Firefox are people who are flexible to switch platforms if they satisfy their specific needs, i.e., privacy in this case. They are also very tech-savvy and have plasticity.
  • Super app needs technical talent, building a new platform, server techs, emulation techs, etc., as learned in Brane and Mini App Review. Firefox has this talent, as seen in the Gecko engine.
  • So, imagine someone acquiring both Signal and Firefox to build a universal chat app that can emulate and run small snippet programs.
  • This may be the closest vision for a Super App in the Americas.