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These are the collections of projects that have been idle, postponed, or discarded.

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[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Fast and Modern version of


[[Someday]] [[Project]]. 마음대로 변형을 가할 수 있는 지도.

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Open-sourced Code Time or WakaTime. Time Tracking per language, per ...

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. 영화 쿠키 있나요?


Packing Linkflags as Chrome Extensions [[Someday]] [[Project]]

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Drop an image to convert the equation into $\TeX$.


[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Improved `iframe` that containerizes an embedded web inside [[Web Worker]].

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Simple Demo Website Creator to gauge market interest.

Use Your Mac as your Bluetooth Speaker

[[Someday]] [[Project]]


[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Timezone conversion with Absolute URI.

Synonym-based Fuzzy Search

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Fuzzy Search + Synonym Search in [[PDF]]/Databases. Just like Google

Redactor for iPhone

[[Someday]] [[Project]].

Quoridor Game

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Creating a "Quoridor" game and its corresponding AI system.


Leads to a [[Someday]] [[Project]].

Open Graph Image as a Service

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Request Open Graph Images with URI, `POST` payload.

Old Fashioned Camera

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. iPhone 4 시절 그 구진 감성의 카메라.

Off The Record

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Disappearing message for iMessage.

Not-So-Procrastinating Lazy Loading

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. `img loading=lazy`, but if the network idles for a given ...

Markdown Email Client

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. You write an email in [[Markdown]]. Before sending, select one ...


[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Infinite Canvas for Zettlekasten.


- [[Someday]] [[Project]]

Fix Your Posture

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Small macOS application that reminds you to fix your posture.

FFMpeg for iPad

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. [[FFMpeg]] equivalent for iPads!

Embeddable GitHub Repo Card But It Looks Great

[[Someday]] [[Project]].


- [[Someday]] [[Project]]. Uses GPT-3 to write good things about Elon (Sarcastically) randomly

Digital Bookmarks for Physical Books

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Can we bookmark physical books with digital devices? i.e. scan ...


[[Someday]] [[Project]]. 인스타 스토리/포스트 글 업로드용 글쓰기 앱.

Chopstick Game

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Digital implementation of the chopstick game with competitive AI


[[Someday]] [[Project]]. [[Apple]] Pencil Handwriting → [[Font]].

Book Metadata as a Service

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Open API that returns Book Metadata when given an ISBN.

Better Hacker News

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Improving HN.

Autosave Everything

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. A small Mac App that presses `command s` every defined ...

Apple Earth

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. Google Earth app but with Smoo-ooth [[Apple]] Maps and iOS ...

Action Required Newsletter Networks

[[Someday]] [[Project]]. It's a [[Newsletter Network]] but you must