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Notion AIโ€‹

  • Generate any content
  • Help me write
  • Continue writing
  • Summarize
  • Fix spelling & grammar
  • Translate

Photoshop for text โ€” Stephan Angoโ€‹

  • Shortly, transforming text will become as commonplace as filtering images. A new set of tools is emerging, like Photoshop for text
  • Up until now, text editors have been focused on input. The next evolution of text editors will make it easy to alter, summarize and lengthen text
  • Text filters will allow you to paraphrase text so that you can switch easily between styles of prose: literary, technical, journalistic, legal, and more
  • You will be able to easily change an entire story chapter from first-person to third-person narration or transform narrative descriptions into dialogue
  • In some ways, it is surprising that filtering text is technically challenging. The text seems like it would be easier to manipulate than images. But languages have far more rules than images do
  • A reader expects writing to follow proper spelling and grammar, a consistent tone, and a logical sequence of sentences
  • I'm excited to see community efforts like Obsidian Ava driving in this direction.

Fake books - lcamtuf's thingโ€‹

  • I had an epiphany: I was probably looking at the output of an ML-based language model, such as GPT-3
  • I do not have proof, but I'm reasonably confident I stumbled upon an early example of a monetized machine-generated book
  • With GPT-3, we now have an infinitely-scalable technology that is years away from enriching our lives but is already more than capable of drowning out all remnants of authentic content on the internet. And because you can leverage this to earn money or sway opinions, that outcome is probably hard to avoid

LLMs for Code: Copilotโ€‹

  • Merge conflict resolution
  • Automatic linting and style checking
  • Placeholder documentation
  • Project scaffolding
  • Test suites and fuzzing
  • Infrastructure as code