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Letter to Modos team on 2023-03-16

A Love Letter to Modos: The E-Ink Laptop Revolutionizing Focus

Dear Modos Team,

I tried to combat digital addiction by using an old iPhone 3GS with limited capabilities, but as a computer scientist, it was not a sustainable solution. Now, with the Modos Paper Laptop, I can finally work efficiently and remain connected to the vast knowledge repository of the internet without constant distractions.

As a software enthusiast, I understand the power of technology, but I also acknowledge that it can be used maliciously, preying on human consciousness and negatively affecting our health. It is essential to separate the fascination with technology from its destructive potential, just as nuclear scientists distinguish the potential of nuclear power from the destructiveness of atomic bombs. The Modos Paper Laptop is a shining example of how technology can be designed to empower and enhance our lives rather than exploit our vulnerabilities.

💌 As someone who deeply appreciates the Modos Paper Laptop's positive impact, I would like to be one of the first to use your prototype. Would this be possible? I am willing to pay. Thank you so much!

Best regards,
Sunghyun Cho