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Person A3BA1A

  • Interviewed on 2022-11-25
  • Currently works at Quota Labs

Quota Labs specializes in B2B Equity management SaaS tools for Asia. Think as Carta: Equity Management Solutions for Asia. Quota Labs has two divisions. The VC side tool and the Startup side tool. VC investment procedures are old and antiquated. It is done through handwriting, fax, and email. An American company, Carta, already dominates the U.S. market. But unlike regulated stock markets, Private Equity regulations vastly differ across markets. Considering that, Carta cannot ever penetrate the Korean market. The essential advantage is speed. Competitors in this VC scene are slow. While we have a small engineering team, we are full of the best in their type. The critical point is to hold trust among businesses. That is the key to B2B software. Current BM revolves around subscription fees, and because VCs are using our tool, the financial stability remains strong. Some customers require on-premise hardware, requiring us to adapt to such demands.

💙I love my job because...

Very high potential of exiting.