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Try Removing

Try removing something but don't freak out if you cannot.

Terminal freaked outโ€‹

Suppress with -f or --force.

rm -f

Then ZSH freak outโ€‹

But ZSH will still freak out if you do something like rm -f *.config.js. This is because of the error message coming from the ZSH Glob search, not the rm part itself.

setopt +o nomatch

This will prevent ZSH from complaining when no match is found.

Then finally Yarn will freak outโ€‹

"clear": "rm -f *.config.js",

But still, this time, Yarn will complain when you run the rm command You need to explicitly quote it to avoid glob expansion. This is because Yarn will try to expand the blob instead of delegating it to the terminal (which we want.)

"clear": "rm -f '*.config.js'",

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