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Whenever you have an unexplainable disgust for something, think it in reverse -- aren't you sourgraping it because you cannot have it?

It happened to me. The United States sucked a lot in various ways. After months of self-contemplations, I concluded that I was sourgraping the United States because I could not have it / embrace it (in the short term).

Yes, the U.S. sucks in some ways, but it's essential to separate the personal emotions and step back to SWOT the situation correctly.

It took me some effort to separate my emotions and neutrally analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the United States. While I wouldn't say I like some aspects of the United States, I hereby acknowledge that opportunity and capital-wise, the United States is the global destination. It's wise to stay in the middle gray area of Korea and the U.S. to take advantage of both countries.

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