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METI Engine

METI stands for "Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence." It is an approach to actively transmitting messages from Earth to possible extraterrestrial civilizations hoping to make contact. METI is sometimes referred to as "active SETI" (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), in contrast to the more traditional "passive" SETI, which involves listening for signals from space that might be indicative of intelligent life.

I see a strikingly coincidental overlap between Newtonian Mail and the METI. Both actively seek intellectual handshakes and communications, pursuing harmonious civilized strife of knowledge. I mainly was SETI-ing for my entire life as an observer of the internet. I scoured the internet, reading thousands of articles daily, which is my greatest strength. However, absorbing something can get you only so far — it can make you a sage but cannot make you engage. Thus, I have started to feel the need for a mass-scale general network of knowledge... linking extra intelligent superbrains...

The current generation is — and plan to scale it to Project Naroo.