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아이폰 천지인 자판 프로젝트의 실현 가능성 연구

[[Apple|애플]] 아이폰의 국내 인기는 점점 상승하고 있다.

서울 프로

본 목적은 Pretendard와 비슷하게 [[Apple]]의 [[San Francisco]] 폰트와 유사한 오픈 소스 글씨체를 만드는 것이었다.


- Programming Language for [[Apple]] platforms

Screenshot as an API

...  - You can copy objects from photos in the latest [[Apple]] iOS 16 update.

San Francisco

- Font by [[Apple]]

Person CC8297

- Currently works at [[Apple]] as a mechanical engineer.

Person A480C6

- Currently works at [[Apple]], Apple Silicon Team

Perceptual Hashing

... detect similar images. Used by Google's Search by Image feature or [[Apple]]'s CSAM. Perceptual Hashing

Mental Simulation of Firefox and Signal as a Super App

... conditions for a Super App in the United States are vague. [[Apple]] and [[Google]] divide the tech market into two, not only in ...

Letter to Mr. Matt Rickard on 2022-10-03

That being said, Spotify and [[Apple]] Music have a market penetration of next to nothing.


- 👍 [[Apple]]-ish design language

How is WebAssembly cross-platform when Assembly is not

... it pack multiple precompiled binary executables for multiple CPU vendors, like [[Apple]]'s Universal Binary?

Horizontally Stacked Interface

## [[Apple]] Concierge App for Genius Bars


... one of the Big Five American information technology companies, alongside Amazon, [[Apple]], Meta, and [[Microsoft]]. Google


- Enter `osunfairlock`, [[Apple]]'s official replacement for `OSSpinLock`. If you still use `OSSpinLock`, you'll get ...


Someday Project. [[Apple]] Pencil Handwriting → [[Font]].

Brunch violates SF terms of use

- Korean writing service Brunch violates [[Apple]]'s Terms of Use by using [[San Francisco|SF Pro]] as a [[Web ...

Apple Silicon

- Chips made by [[Apple]]

Apple Easter Egg

of easter egg message in here for the hard core [[Apple]] fans that

Apple Earth

Someday Project. Google Earth app but with Smoo-ooth [[Apple]] Maps and iOS Widget Supports.

Andy Matuschak

- ex-[[Apple]] [[UIUX|UI]]-Kit developer


- USDZ for [[Apple]]


- [[Apple]] bought all of the advertising space in Newsweek's November/December special election ...


... iPhone to be their next phone; 31% of teens own an [[Apple]] Watch: Taking Stock With Teens® - Fall 2022


- [[Apple]] seems (pretty much) always right...


However, [[Apple]] Feedback Assistant is not a developer Q&A platform.


Note that this is not [[Apple]] Passkey. This is the Privacy Pass standard. Apple Passkey is a ...


- [[Apple]] has implemented pointer authentication on all of its custom [[ARM Architecture|ARM]]-based ...