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Blind Illness

Blind Illness refers to the mental illness of those who want fame and romanticized glory with their company titles.

Blind is an app that provides an anonymous forum and community for verified employees to discuss issues. Topics, company, and broader industry group users on Blind. The app verifies that the registered users work in the company through their work email and claims to keep user identities untraceable. Blind (app)

These Young Workers Are Romanticizing the Return to Office

  • Some are more modest, showing lunches eaten alone in gray cubicles and office coffee whose quality we can guess at, while others flaunt luxe décor and amenities like gyms and catered dining
  • But the practice of romanticizing, which encourages gratitude for the most mundane parts of our lives, means that almost every office job gets the same treatment on TikTok
  • Across the spectrum, these videos act as positive messaging for companies trying to persuade their employees that it's worth returning
  • But I do think there's something beautiful when you romanticize going to work
  • said that when she was growing up, movies like The Devil Wears Prada and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days were her first impressions of what being an adult with an office job would be like
  • Now, Ms. Edwards and other TikTokers have the power to influence how young people view corporate life, and the images they create may be skewed in their ways
  • The flip side of romanticizing one's office life is that not everybody finds these portrayals of the 9-to-5 grind convincing. A frequent comment on the videos is that TikTokers seem rarely to be working. Shots of them sitting at their desks are but a blip in a collage of coffee breaks and office events
  • Ms. Godfrey continued, referring to the videos focusing more on office perks. I think it's just to show that they have an excellent workplace

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