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In organic chemistry, an aldehyde is an organic compound containing a functional group with the structure R-CH=O.

Aldehyde is the codename for this very website.

Aldehyde is a part of Project Extracranial. Project Extracranial covers the entire workflow of delegating a second brain, while Aldehyde only focuses on the operations on website and its exposition so that all records are neatly organized and readily available online. Some notes, visible in Project Extracranial, won't be available on Aldehyde.

Reset a bunch of changes

git checkout HEAD ...

followed by files


알데하이드는 아직 인문행정적 프로젝트 운영에 약하다. 알데하이드 이후 "프로젝트"의 맥락이 Maker's Projects로 바뀌었다.