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Wayfinding with AI Pin

Case Study of Humane Ai Pin

Process - Wayfinding with Ai Pin

Pocket-sized projector


  • Used a Pico projector.
  • Took the projector outside to film our concepts and showcase how they could work.



  • Hypothesized that Ai Pin could utilize a MEMS blue laser scanner
    • small size, energy efficiency, and always-in-focus capabilities.
  • Projected images on our hands and developed guidelines for positioning and scaling UI elements.

Font and line weights


  • Created tests to find which fonts, line weights, and shapes were ideal for legibility under bright and dark environments to understand laser projectors better.

Iterative prototyping


  • The demo shows a compass arrow that adjusts its perspective based on your hand position.
  • Used tools like Figma, Origami, and Keynote



  • Light Phone II is designed as a communication tool that reduces distractions.
  • Inspired by its interface and tried projecting it as an early experiment.

One-handed operation


  • Ai Pin should still work with one hand.
  • This example shows how you could return to a dashboard or "home" state by closing your palm.
  • This correlates with you "closing" an activity.

Primary gestures


  • We would like to know if you could display interface elements on your fingertips that could be easily tapped.
  • This solution feels ergonomically friendly.
  • Not sure if the hardware will be able to project onto a target this small

Common interactions


  • We tested our interaction mechanisms on common visual elements such as lists.
  • This demo explores scrolling lists using a two-handed gesture.
  • The interfaces we pursued for this concept reduced the need to scroll by displaying minimal information.

Animations and haptics


  • Multi-modal feedback —visual cues, sound, and haptics— would be critical for Wayfinding.
  • Built animations to work alongside the potential hardware to demonstrate these scenarios.

Ambient awareness


  • A future iteration of the hardware may be able to listen to announcements.
  • Ai Pin could transcribe and alert you about relevant trip updates.

Dynamic, contextually aware interface


  • Seamlessly transition and adapt based on understanding your surroundings.
  • Less manual control, more intelligent interface, without interaction