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Seaflooding, a promising solution to mitigate climate change, has the potential to create more life and stimulate economic growth. Inspired by the Zanclean Megaflood that transformed the Mediterranean, this process involves filling a dead depression with seawater, leading to increased moisture, rainfall, and plant and animal life, ultimately fostering economic growth. Potential locations for this innovative project include below sea level, high pressure, and extremely hot and dry regions, such as the Dead Sea. The benefits of seaflooding encompass electricity generation, desalination, increased biodiversity, and tourism. Despite challenges such as the need for international discussions, political instability, and ecological impact studies, seaflooding presents an opportunity to reduce ocean levels, combat climate change, and address food scarcity issues in certain regions. A prime example of seaflooding potential lies in Egypt's Qattara Depression, which could be transformed without global dependency. Moreover, numerous locations for seaflooding exist globally, including several in the United States.

한국어로는 '큰물' '물마' 등의 단어가 있다. 하지만 개부심이라는 단어가 가장 적합하다.


  1. 장마로 큰물이 난 뒤 한 동안 쉬었다가 다시 퍼붓는 비가 명개를 부시어 내다.
  2. (비유적으로) 아주 새로워지거나 새롭게 하다.

'개부심하다': 네이버 국어사전

산업적 개척, 청결, 정화 (2023-05-09 이전)

산업적 개척, 청결, 정화와 유사한데 무엇이라고 정확하게 칭해야 하는지 모르겠다.

노후화된 시스템을 _____했더니, 모든 것이 깔끔하고 청결하며 즐겁고 아름답다.

빈칸에 들어갈 말을 모르겠다!

Economic Blooming?