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Remembering that Disarmed Bomb

Heinrich's 300-29-1 model states that before one major industrial accident occurs, there are at least 300 near misses and 29 minor accidents. Major accidents only happen if we ignore all of those alerts. This applies at a societal and personal level; you will make one terrible mistake if you ignore all the portents.

But on the other hand, are we paying homage to the antiterrorists who disarm all those potential threats? Preventing such accident often comes in the form of double-checking mundane stuff, which we do dozen times a day.

  • Are you taking care of your medical state?
  • Did you safety-check your car?
  • Did you turn off the stove?

Some simple questions we can always ask. But we don't realize these simple double-checkings are heroic actions that prevent a potential disaster. We consistently disregard these cautious behaviors as useless concerns. But that lack of attention snowballs and cascades to something serious, then we inveigh those few events.

Do you remember those disarmed terrors that you prevented yesterday?