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LavaLab Cohort of Spring 2023

LavaLab Cohort of Spring 2023.

More Info-focused Startupsโ€‹

With the recent advent of GPT APIs, people can now generate intelligence on the fly, tailored for insights.

  • Brief aims to solve info overload for news readers
  • Documate aims to solve info overload for PDF-manual based industry, most notably the hardware industry
  • Codeflow gives visual information about your codebase.
  • Hive gives One and only search interface to fish your query.
  • Firefly captures lost information of Broken Feedback Loop.
  • All tools use some GPT or Semantic Analysis.

No More Crypto & Web3 Startupsโ€‹

This was expected.

More DX Startups.โ€‹

LavaLab mostly revolved around consumer products. This time around, there are more DX-focused startups.

Jump into the sudden void of powerโ€‹

After Zenly shut down, many players target that power void. It will be the most guaranteed way to success, with one catch โ€” it's a winner-takes-all market.

Interactive Instructionsโ€‹

I loved how Hive demoed their app. To demonstrate their semantic search, they made a cross puzzle to make me try out the search functions.

Case Studiesโ€‹


It is a user review collector, but it also collects console results, cookies, and stack traces, making it super easy to collect user feedback with technical details โ€” like level easy.


News recommending app, just like Artifact, but it shows a one-liner explanation, so you don't need to dive into the article. A similar approach to Project Heimdall, by attempting Algorithmic Recommendation Engine for Texts.


Documentations tool that generates a Docusaurus-like website, given a PDF. Integrated GPT for semantic searches and Chat explanation: Conversational AI Tools for Thought.


Visualizes the dependencies of internal code and function calls. Similar to IntelliJ Flow.


Search-based Tools for Thought for Teams. Given you connect your Google Workspace, Slack, Figma, etc., it will work as a super search.


Similar to Bondee and Zenly. But it aims more toward nudging people to meet each other more. Nudge?


A digital library for your cosmetics & skincare product.