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LavaLab Cohort of Spring 2023

LavaLab Cohort of Spring 2023.

More Info-focused Startups

With the recent advent of GPT APIs, people can now generate intelligence on the fly, tailored for insights.

  • Brief aims to solve info overload for news readers
  • Documate aims to solve info overload for PDF-manual based industry, most notably the hardware industry
  • Codeflow gives visual information about your codebase.
  • Hive gives One and only search interface to fish your query.
  • Firefly captures lost information of Broken Feedback Loop.
  • All tools use some GPT or Semantic Analysis.

No More Crypto & Web3 Startups

This was expected.

More DX Startups.

LavaLab mostly revolved around consumer products. This time around, there are more DX-focused startups.

Jump into the sudden void of power

After Zenly shut down, many players target that power void. It will be the most guaranteed way to success, with one catch — it's a winner-takes-all market.

Interactive Instructions

I loved how Hive demoed their app. To demonstrate their semantic search, they made a cross puzzle to make me try out the search functions.

Case Studies


It is a user review collector, but it also collects console results, cookies, and stack traces, making it super easy to collect user feedback with technical details — like level easy.


News recommending app, just like Artifact, but it shows a one-liner explanation, so you don't need to dive into the article. A similar approach to Project Naroo, by attempting Algorithmic Recommendation Engine for Texts.


Documentations tool that generates a Docusaurus-like website, given a PDF. Integrated GPT for semantic searches and Chat explanation: Conversational AI Tools for Thought.


Visualizes the dependencies of internal code and function calls. Similar to IntelliJ Flow.


Search-based Tools for Thought for Teams. Given you connect your Google Workspace, Slack, Figma, etc., it will work as a super search.


Similar to Bondee and Zenly. But it aims more toward nudging people to meet each other more. Nudge?


A digital library for your cosmetics & skincare product.