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Gen Z does not know file directories

Kids who grew up with search engines could change STEM education forever

The article discusses how many college professors notice their students struggle with directory structures and file organization on computers, particularly those in STEM fields. The issue seems to have become more prominent around 2017.

  1. Many modern students don't understand the idea of files being stored in specific, nested folders on a computer.
  2. This may be due to the prevalence of search functions, cloud storage, and mobile apps that don't expose users to traditional file structures.
  3. The problem is particularly noticeable in STEM courses, where students must write code interacting with files in specific directories.
  4. Professors now spend more time teaching basic computer concepts, using various analogies to explain directory structures.
  5. Some educators believe that this shift in understanding is inevitable and that teaching methods must adapt as a new generation of students becomes professors.

The article highlights a growing disconnect between how younger generations interact with computers compared to their professors, emphasizing the need for educators to bridge this gap and adapt their teaching methods accordingly.