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Grammarly Internal Conference with Executives 2023-08-01

Grammarly Internal Conference with Executives 2023-08-01


Grammarly recently held an Internal Conference for interns featuring our CEO and CPO. Both leaders presented insights into their professional journey, imparted wisdom, and shared strategic outlooks for Grammarly's future.

Career Beginnings

The CEO's career journey kicked off with an internship at Amazon during the company's early phase, while the CPO's journey started at KPMG in Southern California. The CEO remembers Jeff Bezos's firm handshake and the sharp manner he looked at him. They both emphasized the significance of mentorship in their growth trajectories.

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Both leaders admitted to experiencing Imposter Syndrome in their careers. The CEO overcame this by seeking mentorship and focusing on learning, while the CPO suggested embracing the feeling, acknowledging it, and continuing to improve and learn.

Words of Wisdom

The CEO stressed that success comes from personal fulfillment and joy rather than fitting a specific mold and emphasized the importance of not over-planning or getting too fixated on job titles. The CPO echoed these sentiments, advocating for finding a balance and working hard in something that doesn't feel like work.

Company Values

The CEO identified "Value impact over activity" as the most resonating MOVE principle, underscoring the significance of time as a scarce resource.

Outlook and Strategy

Regarding short-term and long-term planning, the CEO emphasized that Grammarly is lucky it doesn't have to worry about short-term metrics. Indeed, Grammarly will focus on long-term focus complemented by appropriate milestones. The CPO advocated for dreaming big while concentrating on the immediate steps and frequently updating the approach. Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

Future Vision

Looking ahead, the CEO compared current communication inefficiencies to old-fashioned navigation systems and saw Grammarly as a tool to streamline these processes. The CPO concurred, stating that recent digital communication feels outdated and expects dramatic future changes to assist these transitions.