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Forward Declaration


  • In Graphics
  • Reduce the number of cpp files that get recompiled when you touch a header file.
  • This happens by moving the #include from the header file to the source file.
  • The cpp file still gets recompiled when you touch the header file, but the circular dependency is broken.


  • Not #includeing in header files.
  • Example: class Ship* ship;.
  • Instead, telling the compiler hey, I promise, there will be this class definition!
  • This only works when referring to a pointer or reference
    • When there is no need to construct
  • Calling function requires #include.
  • Virtual functions are irrelevant with a forward declaration.


  • Compile time improvements
  • Resolves circular dependency
  • #pragma once solves circular dependency but does not resolve the order dependency.

Rule of Thumb

  • avoid including headers in headers.
  • use pointers of a class.
  • include inside cpp.