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  • Usually, Nonlinear, spider-web-like notes
  • On 2022-07-01, I noted that PKM is for building a personal knowledge base. Its needs are different from a project base.
Second BrainImplementation for augmenting your thoughts.
Digital GardenImplementation for documenting your knowledge.
PKMArchitecture for Digital Garden.
PARAArchitecture for Second Brain.
  • Digital Brain is a digitally implemented Second Brain.
Second BrainDigital Garden
Notes are in Britannica StyleNotes are in Wikipedia Style
Allows folderingProhibits foldering
Allows archivingProhibits archiving
Focuses on managing different projects that grow into a creative garageFocuses on creating and tending Evergreen notes posts that grow into a knowledge base

Check Tools for Thought for PKM tools in the market.