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Matrix Network

I always wanted to create a social group for my core audience, but Discord was too sassy

Matrix is an open-source protocol for secure, decentralized, real-time communication. It provides a flexible and versatile platform for various communication services, such as instant messaging, VoIP, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The Foundation, a non-profit organization, maintains the project and its reference implementations.

Matrix works by allowing users to communicate with each other through decentralized servers called "home servers." These servers store and synchronize communication history and can be hosted by individuals, organizations, or third-party providers. Matrix uses end-to-end encryption to ensure secure communication and protects user data from unauthorized access.

One of the significant advantages of Matrix is its ability to interoperate with other communication platforms, such as Slack, IRC, or even email, through bridges. This means users on different platforms can communicate with each other seamlessly, making Matrix a highly flexible and adaptable communication solution.

As of June 2019, Matrix is out of beta and suitable for production usage. Developers and organizations can use the Matrix protocol to build custom communication applications. Users can use existing Matrix-based clients, such as Element, to communicate securely with others on the network.

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