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AI Garbage Data Flooding

Drowning in AI-Generated Garbage: the silent war we are fighting

  • From now on, we must treat anything we see on the Internet as potential AI garbage. The picture gallery from an artist? The very cool sounding answer on Stackoverflow? This article in the newspaper? This short viral video? Is this book on Amazon? They are all potential AI garbage
  • Fascinating garbage but garbage nonetheless

Fake books - lcamtuf's thing

  • I had an epiphany: I was probably looking at the output of an ML-based language model, such as GPT-3
  • I do not have proof, but I'm reasonably confident I stumbled upon an early example of a monetized machine-generated book
  • With GPT-3, we now have an infinitely-scalable technology that is years away from enriching our lives but is already more than capable of drowning out all remnants of authentic content on the internet. And because you can leverage this to earn money or sway opinions, that outcome is probably hard to avoid