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Publishing Digital Brains


How can I tightly integrate Tools for Thought and Digital Brain?

For this system, I worked on implementing the PARA system with Docusaurus and Obsidian. It is working reasonably well, but I still question the feasibility of Obsidian as a Second Brain framework (which should do more than just a note-taking app.)

Potential Tools​

Docusaurus References​

Roam References​

  • Create beautifully tended Digital Gardens from your RoamResearch graph. Publish your notes as a static site in a few simple steps - Roam Garden | Roam Garden
  • These notes are the first attempt at a Digital Garden and, as such, are a little wild and untamed. There's no central index or table of contents; you explore by going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. - About these notes
  • πŸ‘‹ I'm Vlad Sitalo - the creator of Roam Garden. I like to build things, and at times, I wonder about: - Garden Terrace

Obsidian References​

Logseq References​

Functional Web & Notion​

Fast Websites (SPA based)​