Storing sensitive data in iOS Apps

TL;DR: You can't.

One way that doesn't work: Using environment variables

  • If you click the app name from the top bar in Xcode, you can edit scheme.
  • You can try settings values at Run → Arguments → Environment Variables and access them through ProcessInfo.processInfo.environment["KEY"].
  • However, this didn't work for me. Refer to this problem on Stack Overflow.
ProcessInfo.processInfo.environment variables work in Simulator but not on Device
My environment variables work on the simulator, but when I try to run on my device, they return nil. Perhaps they are only meant to work on a simulator, in which case, what is the ideal alternative...

One possible but unsafe way: xcconfig

  • Create .xcconfig and add them to app build settings.
  • Is it safe? No!

Another possible buy unsafe way: .gitignore

  • I just made a .gitignore that ignores all *Credentials.swift file.
  • Is it safe? No!
  • However, I am using LinkedIn API that makes a network request.
  • Anyone who will take the effort to decompile the app and extract the API key data will attack the network request and extract the key.
  • I concluded security beyond not disclosing them through the source control system is meaningless for my use case.

One possible and safe way: Secure Enclaves.

Another possible (and probably the correct) way

  • Just don't store that level of sensitive information on the client.

Another another possible way that might be worth exploring

  • Using Keychain Manager.
Keychain Services API Tutorial for Passwords in Swift
In this Keychain tutorial for Swift on iOS, you’ll learn how to interact with the C language API to securely store passwords in the iOS Keychain.
  • However, these are meant for storing personal sensitive data like usernames and passwords.
  • I am unsure if I can store data in Keychain without exposing it to the end-user or application (.ipa) file.
  • Apple Docs

Advanced Readings

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