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P vs. NP problem


P: Poly-time Solvable

  • Class of solvable and verifiable problems in polynomial time by a deterministic Turing machine.

NP: Nondeterministic Polynomial Time

  • Class of problems that are not sure if it's solvable in polynomial time but verifiable in polynomial time.
  • To prove that a problem is in NP, we need an efficient certification: a certificate (a potential solution to the problem) and a certifier (a way to verify the answer in polynomial time).

NP-Hard: Nondeterministic Polynomial Time-Hard

  • It means "at least as hard as the hardest problems in NP."
  • Not sure if it's solvable in poly-time.
  • Not sure if it's verifiable in poly-time.
  • To prove that a problem is NP-hard, we need to show that it is poly-time reducible to another NP-hard problem. That is, reduce another NP-hard problem in it.


Both NP and NP-Hard.